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Jesty B_-_ Without Them— Via Gentlecoded.Com

Jesty B is a talented artist of nigerian origin , based in Germany since almost a decade.

He is determined to reach his fans hearts with the positive vibes and catchy tunes of Afrobeat music since 2008. Jestys songs do not touch  heavy topics like politics or dramatic events- Jesty’s focus is on transporting the feeling of happiness into your cars, clubs and living rooms – whereever you are.

Jesty makes the kind of music that everyone can relate to, starting from titles like “Celebrate”, “E get why”, “On God” etc.

Even kids love to sing along to his songs word by word and that’s the joy of making music. He says, he is far from perfection, but he is working very hard to create new songs, to learn through the process of creativity and technique,so the quality of the songs increases with every new song.

His songs remind you to enjoy life, to not take everything too seriously and to not forget what’s important in life. Happiness – just to be happy and content about being where you are. When you listen to Jestys music, you can just let that heavy coat of life’s challenges fall to the ground, forget about your sorrows and dive into a mood of happiness. You start dancing, smiling and feeling the joy he wants to share with you. Music to him is to make people happy and to be happy himself.

It is not easy to come from Africa without anything, you start without any financial support system, without your family and you try to achieve everything you have dreamed of. It is a journey that demands

dedication, a journey that demands hard work and a journey where you have to maintain your vision . No matter if you are going through hardships, no matter if you fall, you always have to get up again and pursue your dream without giving up.

It has been an amazing journey all the way and that’s one of the reasons why  he is naming his new album “journey 2 greatness”!


MUSIC: Jesty B_-_ Without Them— Via Gentlecoded.Com


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