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Nigeria Singer, Capture Says On Creativity

Capture on creativity :

The question ‘what do you want to be when you grow up’ encourages both creativity and independence in people from a young age. The traits creativity and autonomy are also seen in the Young Capture. Capture is a promising rapper and singer from Nigeria, we had a short interview with him and we realized his life was nothing but a movie. There are so many to write about but I will love to express this in a very short drama.

Capture as a young boy struggles with following family tradition and unearthing his own independence from society traditions and beliefs. Because individuality is so prized in “Nigeria”, Capture demonstrates an activists actions that the most significant factor of creativity is independence. Because of the mettle the boy displays through his autonomous actions, the idea of creativity become what he was known for. You will always realized this from the way he talked and act (very inspiring), a lot of people tried talking him out of the light he has found but capture has never given up on trusting his spiritual gift. He later turned this into a passion and now embarking on a journey of making the teaching known to the universe through this distinct music “Afro-trap”

Since we are born we have imagination and as we grow up this imagination may increase or decrease and in Capture place, the imagination keep expanding. Capture has a very broad and wild positive imaginations especially about creativity, art and music

The realization of his positive dreams will makes life seem more interesting and brilliant for every Afro descendants. Since we are kids, we find new ways to deal with everyday life. We find different innovative forms to deal with everyday obstacles. But with capture music innovation, I think life can be more easier and more fun to live. Expect the best from only the best ones

In conclusion, said the rapper “Capture”- Creativity strongly relies in our imagination and my type of music help a lot in this case… Bless












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